Every brew is completely bespoke and customised for you. Order bottles, kegs, or a combination of both. Find our standard order sizes below, but do contact us for smaller or larger orders. 


450 bottles

450 330ml bottles of a completely bespoke beer with custom labels. We work with you to create the perfect beer and labels. Great for gifts/favours and easy serving at events.

250 pints (in kegs)

250 pints of your own unique beer delivered in Kegstar kegs, ready to be served from your own bar. We can help with serving in the London area, so let us know what we can do for you.

Speciality gift beer

10 750ml bottles of a strong (8-12%) beer. Open one every year on an anniversary or birthday - it'll get better every year! From barrel-aged stouts to matured sours, we'll craft the perfect rich ale over 6-12 months.


We provide a range of extra services. We can set up and serve at your bar, brew small test batches before your final order, or plan in-person tasting sessions to make sure you get exactly what you want.