We are six craft beer enthusiasts, each bringing our own flavour to the mix.


Nat (Head brewer)

Nat's got to sign off on all recipes before brewing - his expertise is how we know it'll be great! He works as a tap room manager where he brews regularly, so he's the person to talk to about beer trends. If pushed, he'd say you can't go wrong with a big bold IPA with stacks of hops and a good amount of body.


Maeve (Chief Coordinator)

Maeve runs all of the accounting and legal stuff, so you'll probably hear from her at some point. She's a psychologist, which means she wants to make sure everyone drinks beer that they perceive to be delicious! She can't get enough of thick chocolate stouts, especially in winter. 


Emma (Customer liaison)

Emma has a wealth of experience in tasting and brewing beer. A Forest School teacher by day, she'll use her creative skills to work with you to craft something unique and special. She's not a fan of bitter beers, so goes for fruity Vermont IPAs.


Louise (Social Media)

Louise is our brand designer - you might see her tendency to use her biology lab skills in the form of technically delightful hexagons. She also makes sure that we maintain strict lab protocols, ensuring flawless beer every brew. She's a big fan of Red IPAs.


Ardern (Marketing and research)

Ardern does our marketing and research. He's a zoo-archaeologist by trade, so researching stuff is his thing. From ingredients to ancient brewing techniques, Ardern is here to make sure every beer is as interesting as it can be. He loves a good traditional bitter after a day examining bones!


Ollie (Designer)

Ollie has never brewed the same thing twice. He works as a technology researcher and uses those skills to coordinate our social media. Ollie helps out with brewing test batches for your perfect beer, especially if you're after something in the style of a Flanders Red, his favourite.